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Upcoming Events

Members participating in the CrossFit Open will compete and be Judged at 10:30am Saturday mornings at the gym.

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 Mixed Martial Arts & Wrestling
We offer instruction from the beginner through the professional level of MMA, Kickboxing, Grappling and Wrestling. We ensure all our members are well-rounded and technically sound. The Gold Medal Grappling fight team is coached by Elijah Harshbarger. MMA Practices are open to team members only. Please contact me for more details. This program is for ages 16+
CrossFit 703
Get in the best shape of your life. Our circuit training based workouts will Burn Fat, Build Muscle and Increase your Metabolism. Our unique blend of weight training and explosive cardio will take you to a new level of fitness that was previously only available to Professional Athletes.

Youth KickBoxingFit
Our Youth KickBoxingFit program is a great combination of Strength work, Conditioning, and Kickboxing. Kids will be doing age apriopriate strength work incorporating Gymnastics and body weight movements while learning effective striking, This programs builds Confidence and Athleticism.
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Youth Wrestling
Wrestling is the oldest sport on Earth and we are happy to help pass that tradition on. Our Youth wrestling program is for beginners and advanced youth ranging from age 5-15